What Is a 1953 $2 Bill Worth?

Frank Boston/CC-BY 2.0

According to Old Currency Buyers, a 1953 red-print $2 bill typically has a resale value of $2.50. The value of a $2 bill may increase if paired with consecutively numbered bills or bills with special markings.

If sold in consecutively numbered runs, the value of a 1953 $2 bill increases to about $8 per note. Red seal 1953 $2 bills are more valuable if they have a star marking before the serial number. They typically sell for $5 in average condition and $15 if they are uncirculated. These types of bills are common. In the United States, 79,920,000 1953 $2 bills were printed in the United States along with 3,960,000 star-marked notes.