What Is the 104 Surah of the Quran About?


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Surah Humazah Chapter 104 of the Quran explains that people who allow their love of wealth to corrupt them into mistreating the poor are sentenced to spend eternity in hell as punishment. This Surah says that every scorner and mocker who collects and continuously counts his wealth, thinking it will make him immortal, is thrown into the eternal flames of hell. It is referring to those who lose sight of the spiritual, non-materialistic values of humanity.

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The first verse of Surah 104 says "Woe to Every Backbiter, Slanderer!" This is a threat against those who hurt others with unkind words and behaviors, either behind their backs or to their faces.

The wealthy person this Surah depicts is one who loves his wealth so much, it becomes the center of his life. He idolizes his money and sees it as a sign of dignity and pride for himself, not as a means of helping the less fortunate. He thinks "his wealth will make him immortal," believing that money is the solution to every problem.

The Surah is not stating that amassing wealth in itself is a sin; however, allowing wealth to cause arrogance and unkindness towards those without it and ungratefulness towards Allah is a sin that results in suffering the flames of hell.

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