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Doc Hendley, a bartender, has helped people across the globe in developing countries to obtain clean, drinkable water through his Wine to Water organization. Jorge Muñoz fed thousands of illegal immigrants out of his $600 a week salary and donations. Aki Ra established a nongovernmental organization, Cambodian Self Help Demining, in Cambodia and took in many invalid mine victims, according to ListVerse.

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Pushpa Basnet founded the Early Development Center and the Butterfly Home to care for the children of incarcerated women in Nepal. Eugene and Minhee Cho founded One Day’s Wages, a not-for-profit organization funded by contributions of one day's worth of wages that fund projects in health and education, among others. Narayanan Krishnan founded Akshaya Trust, which has fed more than 1.2 million destitute people in India. Marc Gold founded 100 Friends Project, which helps buy necessities for the poor in India, with the request that those who benefit should give to someone else. Dr. Rick Hodes has helped thousands of Ethiopians with all sorts of health problems for over three decades, and he volunteers in Mother Teresa’s Mission for the Destitute and Dying. Betty Makoni founded Girl Child Network, an organization that helps girls avoid exploitation of all sorts in Zimbabwe.

ListVerse published its modern heroes list in May 2013.

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