What Are Some of the 10 Commandments?


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The Ten Commandments, drawn from Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21 in the Bible, include prohibitions forbidding idolatry, taking God's name in vain, murder, adultery and stealing. They also include commands to honor one's father and mother and to keep holy the Lord's day.

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The first three commandments deal with a person's relationship to God, whereas the other seven are concerned with treatment of human beings.

As neither Exodus nor Deuteronomy numbers its list of commandments, different Christian traditions have divided the Ten Commandments in different ways. The Roman Catholic Church includes the prohibition against making idols in the first commandment, and then lists the command to respect God's name as the second commandment. It also divides the prohibition against coveting into two commandments, one prohibiting coveting another's wife, and another prohibiting coveting another's goods.

Certain other Christian traditions, such as many Baptist communities, have the same commandments, but divide them differently. Baptists divide the Catholic Church's first commandment into two separate entities and list the prohibition against taking the name of the Lord in vain as commandment number three. In contrast to the Catholic Church, which divides the prohibition against coveting into two separate commandments, many in the Baptist tradition make this one commandment.

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