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To choose zoysia grass for home lawns, homeowners should be aware of its specific growing and planting requirements, soil's pH and its classification among the different grasses. For example, its classification is that of a warm season grass that can grow in specific climates or United States Depart


To maintain Zoysia grass, water, mow and fertilize the grass based on the amount of rainfall, soil fertility, climate and the amount of sun in your region. If the grass becomes diseased or infested with pests, consult a county agent or garden center for diagnosis and treatment.


Zoysia grass plugs are essentially a pre-rooted grass seed that is already in the process of growing. The Zoysia grass plugs save consumers time and money because they do not require as much attention as regular grass seed.


Some reported problems with Zoysia Grass include: the grass is invasive, it causes the lawn color to change drastically based on the weather, it can be slow growing, and it can be very difficult to remove once planted.


Reviews for Zoysia grass plugs can be found at zoysiafarms.com, davesgarden.com, and amazon.com. There are also reviews at slyreviews.blogspot.com, as well as mikesbackyardnursery.com and gardensalive.com.


Zoysia fertilizer is a food that is given to the plant to support its health. Since zoysia is a type of grass, fertilizer helps it grow strong and lush, making it attractive and hardy on a lawn or playing field. The ideal fertilizer for zoysia grass is nitrogen based.


The process of growing Zoysia grass from sod involves preparing the soil by removing all existing vegetation and debris, and then breaking up the first 6 to 8 inches of the soil. Fertilize the soil by adding one pound of lawn fertilizer per 100 square feet of growing area and then mix a few inches o


Benefits of Zoysia sod include that it is drought-tolerant, grows in practically any soil and reduces the need for mowing. The sod is resistant to diseases and chokes out many weeds, helping the grower to reduce the number of chemicals he uses in the maintenance of his lawn.


The reviews of Zoysia Farm Nurseries are evenly split over all between positive and negative. The main complaint is that the grass plugs arrive dead, while they are supposed to be dormant. Dormant grass should come back to life with water and fertilization within 60 days, but customers are not getti


Grass is made of elements including oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, hydrogen and traces of other elements. These elements combine to form water and lignin, the two primary chemicals found in grass.