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The zip codes of Bogotá, Colombia range from 110111 and end at 112041, with each zip code representing a district with uneven borders. The first two numbers represent the national department, Bogotá's specific postal code is 11, and the four remaining numbers are areas defined by the local post.


Postal codes in Colombia are 6 digit numeric.. The first group of two digits are the numbers used by DANE to encode the departments.. The second group of two digits in the range of 00 to 89 encode postal zones, where 00 is used for the department capital.


Postal codes databse of Bogota, Colombia. Locality, Sub-locality, Area Postal Code; No records found in database for this locality.


The postal code in Colombia. Since 2009, Colombian territory is divided into postal zones, each of which has a postal code. The Colombian ZIP Code code has 6 digits, the first two digits refer to the departments, the following to regional zones and the last two digits to each municipal zone.


Postal codes for all regions in Colombia. Use our interactive map, address lookup, or code list to find the correct zip code for your postal mails destination.


The area of modern Bogotá was first populated by groups of indigenous people who migrated south based on the relation with the other Chibcha languages; the Bogotá savanna was the southernmost Chibcha-speaking group that exists from Nicaragua to the Andes in Colombia.


ZIP Code » Colombia » Bogotá DC The Bogotá DC department has 81 different ZIP Codes. Choose one of the municipalities or locations below to see the list of postal codes according to their geographical limits.


Best Answer: No such thing. The best way would be to do it like this First Name Last Name Address apt number, tower # if any Neighborhood name City, State, Country Like this for example Fulanito De Tal Calle 106D #15-45 Apt. 1103 Torre C Barrio Santa Barbara Bogota Cundinamarca, Colombia


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