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China is a huge country with a wide variety of landforms, from the southwestern Himalayan Mountains, including Mount Everest on the Nepal-China border and the massive Gobi and Takla Makan deserts to the north. Other notable landforms include the picturesque mountains and waters of the Li River Sceni


The four main types of landforms are mountains, plateaus, plains and hills. A landform is defined as any natural feature on the Earth's surface, which includes other minor landforms such as valleys, buttes, basins and canyons.


Landforms are made by erosion, mineral deposits, earthquakes and other movements over the earth and weathering, according to The Encyclopedia of Earth. Landforms that are made by several processes are called polygenetic landforms.


Landforms are divided into 11 major categories: Aeolian, coastal and oceanic, erosion, fluvial, impact, karst, lacustrine, mountain and glacial, slope, tectonic and volcanic. Within these groupings are many landform subtypes.


Major landforms include plains, plateaus, hills and mountains, whereas minor landforms encompass smaller natural features such as buttes, canyons, valleys and basins. These landforms came about as the result of erosion on the earth's surface and tectonic plate activity beneath that surface over a lo


The three kind of landforms found on Earth are mountains, plains and plateaus. Mountains are natural topographical features that may reach great heights, while plains and plateaus are lower, longer and flat.


Some landforms in Maine include major mountains, lake and rivers, such as the Appalachian Mountains, Longfellow Mountains, Mahoosuc Range, Western Maine Mountains, Katahdin's Baxter Peak, Hamlin Peak, Moosehead Lake, Kennebec River and Penobscot River. Maine contains more than 2,500 glacial lakes an


Landforms are formed by movements of the earth, such as earthquakes, weathering, erosions and deposits. Many landforms are created by more than one of these processes. These are called polygenetic landforms.


The four main types of landforms are mountains, hills, plateaus, and plains. Other minor landforms are canyons, valleys, and basins. These are natural features that make up a terrain.


A landform region is a specific area that is made up of the same major landforms, such as plains, mountains or plateaus. Landforms can be described as any natural feature that is on the earth's surface.