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When sleeping in the zero gravity position your head is elevated which helps to open up any restricted airways. Reducing or even eliminating snoring can help you enter the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage more often throughout the night. This leads to more restorative sleep for both you and your partner.


What Are the Benefits of Zero Gravity Sleep Position? Are there any health benefits to zero gravity sleep position? If you or your partner are snoring every night, and both of you would like to get a good night’s sleep, investing on an adjustable bed frame is worth it. Here are the benefits of sleeping on a gravity bed.


Regardless of your current sleep needs and how they change over time, you’ll always find new benefits of the Zero G position to enjoy. Lifestyle Benefits. Do more than just sleep. The gentle elevation of the head when in the Zero Gravity position makes it easy to comfortably watch TV, read a book, or work on your laptop or tablet while in bed.


As a whole zero gravity is not good for humans. If you ever see videos from the international space station you will see that at least one person is working out. This is because in zero gravity your muscles don't have to work as much and they start to atrophy. So sleeping in zero gravity would be just as bad.


While there is no mattress that can actually defy gravity, the idea of a “zero gravity” mattress is similar to the idea of being in space—gravity exerts force, or pressure, on our bodies, so the ability to adjust a bed to a position where there is less gravity means less pressure, and hopefully, more restful sleep.


Our Zero Gravity Adjustable Beds are designed to provide you multiple health benefits. Sleeping in Zero Gravity position helps to Alleviate Back Pain, Improve Blood Circulation, Asthma and Snoring etc. Visit to know more.


ZERO-G BEDS are unique electronic adjustable beds which give you a zero gravity sleeping position. Just lie down in one of them and with a simple remote control elevate the upper half, lower half or even both at the same time to experience the zero gravity position of sleeping!


Sleep chairs such as the Perfect Sleep Chairs combine massage with the freedom of reclining to an endless number of positions, including zero-gravity. By distributing your weight evenly, zero-gravity allows your muscles to enter a state of relaxation. As a result, Perfect Sleep Chairs limit tension.


Using a zero-gravity positioned adjustable bed frame along with the soothing memory foam mattress will turn a simple bed into a comforting sleep station. The soothing position provides medical and lifestyle benefits that encourage the best of well-being for a healthy and productive life.


For the first sleep position, “imagine yourself in a bed that you can adjust, where you can raise the head and raise the feet, putting you in what is called a zero gravity position,” explains ...