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It's possible to watch YouTube videos on a TV by using a set-top box or a game console that runs the YouTube application. They can also connect a laptop or tablet to the TV set and watch YouTube through a Web browser.


A Video on Demand, or VOD, device enables people to watch satellite TV without paying a monthly fee. VOD gadgets allow users to watch video content or listen to audio broadcasts. The use of a Subscription Video on Demand, or SVOD, device means that satellite TV viewers only pay according to what the


Charter is a cable company based in Stamford, Connecticut, that provides pay TV services to its subscribing customers. Although Charter does require subscriptions, it does not require customers to sign a contract, like most pay TV companies. Customers are free to cancel their subscription at any tim


A one-year subscription to "Country Living" is $15 as of March 2015. This price provides a savings of 67 percent off the newstand cover price. A two-year subscription to "Country Living" is $25, which saves 72 percent.


In science, a subscript is a number, character or symbol positioned next to and a little below another character. In chemistry, subscripts on the left are used to display the atomic number of an element, indicating the number of protons in an isotope.


The best way to find someone's Youtube channel is by searching directly on Youtube with the built-in search bar. The search brings up the channel you are looking for as well as videos related to the search.


"Outdoor Life," "Field and Stream," and "Family Fun" are all magazines that offer free subscriptions. Many magazine publishing's offer one to two-year free subscriptions to new customers through their websites.


A journal subscription is a business arrangement between a journal or magazine publisher and an individual who wants to read issues of the journal. The subscriber pays a fee that entitles that person to receive all issues of the journal published during the subscription period.


Subscribers to a service with online account management can log in to their accounts, find the "cancel subscription" button, or similarly named button, and click on it. Subscribers can then follow the steps indicated by the service to cancel a subscription.


Many online and print periodicals, such as the New York Times and Washington Post, allow online subscription cancellations on their websites. Each type of online periodical has a different cancellation policy, and many provide multiple means to cancel a subscription, such as by phone, email or a per