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The best way to find someone's Youtube channel is by searching directly on Youtube with the built-in search bar. The search brings up the channel you are looking for as well as videos related to the search.


PewDiePie, Smosh, TaylorSwiftVEVO, HolaSoyGerman and YouTube Spotlight are some popular channels on YouTube. PewDiePie is the alias and YouTube channel of Swedish comedian and producer Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He found fame by postings vlogs and Let’s Play commentaries on YouTube.


Some free online TV channels are History Channel Europe and BBC World News TV. There are many other free online TV channels available, such as KBS2 and NBC Sports.


Depending on the service provider, various methods are available to find a specific TV channel. Some television providers include a guide button on their remotes or receivers to show channel listings. Other providers might also provide channel listings on their official websites.


ABC, NBC, CBS, CW and Fox are the five major television networks that broadcast over the air in the United States. Each of these stations broadcasts to at least 95 percent of American households. Other available stations vary based on broadcast market and the viewer's location within that market.


Top Channel live TV is itself an independent television channel, broadcasting across Europe through the Digitalb platform and in North America through the IPTV platforms of TVALB and Shqip TV. Audiences worldwide also follow Top Channel live TV with the downloadable application, which is compatible


As the television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Hope Channel offers religious programming with shows such as "Cross Connection," "Let's Pray," "Hope Sabbath School," "Go Healthy for Good" and "Real Family Talk." Its programs are available through DIRECTV, Roku, satellite or online.


As of 2015, some Apple TV channels include entertainment channels such as Showtime and FYI. Apple TV viewers can also watch news channels such as ABC News and CBS Nightly News. Sports channels are also available on Apple TV, including Watch ESPN, Tennis Channel Everywhere, WILLOW and MLS Live.


As of 2015, popular sports TV channels include Big Ten Network, Golf Channel, NFL Network and MLB Network. Other popular sports channels include ESPN and CBS Sports Network.


The amount of power a TV uses varies by the size and type of television. Plasma televisions use the highest consistent amount of power per square inch while microdisplays use the lowest. A 46-inch plasma has about 906 square inches of viewing space, which takes about .30 to .39 watts per square inch