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As of 2015, "Russian Ark," "The Seventh Seal," "A Bronx Tale" and "Raising Helen" are some full-length movies available on YouTube. Others include Fritz Lang films, such as "Metropolis" and "The Woman in the Window," and Yasujiro Ozu films such as "Floating Weeds" and "Passing Fancy."


YouTube offers full-length movies that users are able to rent or buy for a fee and some that are completely free to watch. The movies that have a fee attached to them are totally legal to watch and have been approved by the right distributors.


For the film lover who does not wish to pay a premium, there are a multitude of full-length movies that can be watched for free on YouTube. Films are available in a wide variety of genres, languages and lengths, and range from decades old to more recent.


Some of the feature-length films that have received a high number of views on YouTube include "First Orbit," "Life in a Day," "Kissing Cousins," "The Makeover" and "The Last Monk." "The Makeover" has received over 2 million views, "Kissing Cousins" and "The Last Monk" have received more than 3 milli


Some popular documentaries, based on box office success, include "Fahrenheit 9/11," "March of the Penguins" and "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never." In terms of popularity among critics, "Hoop Dreams," "The Thin Blue Line" and "Grey Gardens" are some favorites.


Some popular full-length action movies available on YouTube are "Kingsman: The Secret Service," "Chappie," "American Sniper" and "Jupiter Ascending." These films all cost money to view, as of June 2015. Some popular free full-length action films are "Waters Rising," "Supercroc" and "Dream of a Warri


It is legal to watch a full-length film on YouTube only if the person who uploaded the video had permission from the copyright holder. If that person did not, viewers of the illegal content could be prosecuted, according to CNET.


Many popular movie titles are available on YouTube to stream for a specific cost per movie. For example, as of February 2015, viewers can watch "Dead Poets Society" from its copyright holder, Touchstone Pictures, for a fee of $2.99.


Full-length public domain Westerns, such as the 1935 "Born To Battle" and 1934 "Wagon Wheels" movies, are freely available on YouTube. Short clips and trailers are also widespread. As of 2015, recent full-length movies are also accessible for a fee, including the 2011 "Cowboys & Aliens" Western.


Neither the American Film Institute, BBC nor IMDb list any documentaries in their top 100 movies, as of 2015. Rotten Tomatoes lists one documentary in its list of the top 100 movies: "Man on Wire." It's ranked as the 61st best movie of all time.