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Geraniums are beautiful flowers that can be kept in flower beds or hanging baskets, but they need to be cut back by getting rid of yellow leaves and trimming spent flowers to the stem line.


How To Prune a Hardy Geranium or Cranesbill - I'll show you how to prune a Geranium 'Rozanne' in this tutorial video from www.northcoastgardening.com


Geraniums are heavy feeders. They like to be fertilized once every week or two. We use an organic fertilizer. Pruning dead blooms helps the plant to grow new blooms. To learn more about growing ...


Pruning Geraniums - How To Pinch Geraniums For Better Growth How To Prune Geranium Plants in Flowers, Ornamental Gardens Many people wonder why their geraniums get leggy, especially if they keep them year after year. Find out the cause and what to do with leggy geraniums in this article.


Pruning geraniums can keep them looking their best. Cutting back geraniums will prevent woody and leggy geraniums, especially in geraniums that have been overwintered.Below you will find information on how to prune geranium plants to keep them looking healthy.


Roger prunes and adds fertilizer to his perfumed geraniums in spring to encourage healthy and bushy new growth - lots of lovely summer flowers ... how to prune and feed for more flowers and bushy ...


How to Prune a Cranesbill. Part of the series: Gardening & Pruning Tips. Pruning a cranesbill plant simply requires trimming back spent flowers, eliminating any dead leaves and then chopping back ...