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A mystery refers to any unexplained problem. Mysteries can be solved through critical thinking and analysis. Mystery novels focus around solving a specific case.


One way to be mysterious is to try to say as little as possible. This does not mean that someone who wants to be mysterious to others should be mute. This means that the person should only chime in when he has something that needs to be added to the conversation. Don't talk about the weather, but on


Amazon and Audiobooks.com sell digital audio books online, while volunteer organizations such as Project Gutenberg and LibriVox offer free audio books in public domain on their websites. Google and Apple dedicate a section to both free and paid audio books in their mobile marketplaces as of 2015.


Free audio books are available from organizations such as LibriVox, Lit2Go and Internet Archive. Books at these organizations are in the public domain and narrated by volunteers. Audible, an Amazon company, provides a free audio book if you sign up for a paid membership. These include bestsellers an


Some good mystery games that people can play for free include “Phoenotopia” and “Inspector Magnusson - Murder on the Titanic.” Gamers can play these games online without having to download them to their PCs.


Some types of audio systems include Hi-Fi music systems, wireless music systems and MP3 docking systems. Other examples include home theater systems, portable music systems, and CD or radio cassette players.


As of 2015, Podiobooks.com and LearnOutLoud.com are two websites that offer free podcasts of audio books. Whereas Podiobooks.com focuses on serialized fiction books, LearnOutLoud.com's podcasts primarily provide educational audio books.


Mystery medical symptoms are physical symptoms that stem from an unknown cause and cannot be explained, reports the APA. Many times these mystery medical symptoms are somatic symptoms that come from psychological places or create psychological problems for patients who are very concerned about the m


YouTube is the largest online video sharing platform. Users create accounts and upload videos. Most of the content is free; however, there are channels that charge a fee for streaming movies and showing live events.


The critically acclaimed "Cat Who" series consists of 29 mystery novels and three story collections by former lifestyle writer and editor Lilian Jackson Braun. The series revolves around newspaper reporter Jim Qwilleran and his two Siamese cats, Koko and Yum-Yum, who help him to solve crimes.