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As of 2015, some musicals available on YouTube include "Harry Potter in 99 Seconds" and "Side Effects." "The Wizard of Ahhhs," "Cinderonce," "Hipster Disney Princess- The Musical" and "Burning Man: The Musical" are musicals also available on YouTube.


Not all videos on YouTube are free. User-generated content is generally free to watch, but there is a fee to watch some videos on the website; many movies and television shows can be streamed on the site for a price.


Some free picture libraries are FreeDigitalPhotos.net, FreeImages.net, Pixabay.com and FreePhotosBank.com. Users can also use Flickr images for free, as long as the image has a Creative Commons license.


YouTube offers free movies on its verified movies channel. YouTube created the channel in 2005, and it has over 18.5 million subscribers, as of September 2015. The channel offers free movies in a variety of genres, including comedy, drama, family, romance and world cinema.


“Groundhog Day,” “Big,” “Inglourious Basterds,” “Drive” and “American Sniper” are some popular movies on YouTube. YouTube has a vast collection of movies in its YouTube.com/movies section, which the company rolled out in 2011. The site offers free and paid/rent movies.


Free audio Bibles are available at Talking.Bibles.org, BibleGateway.com and TheStreamingBible.com. Talking Bibles provides free online Bible listening in more than 100 languages. BibleGateway.com offers free online audio Bibles in various English translations and other languages such as Arabic, Chin


YouTube is a Google subsidiary. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, who were former PayPal employees, originally founded YouTube in 2005. In 2006, Google bought the video-sharing site for $1.65 billion.


An audio converter is hardware or software capable of decoding or encoding a digital data stream of audio. Analog-to-digital converters receive a continuous signal, usually voltage, and convert it into a digital number to estimate its amplitude.


Readers can deposit books at most libraries by dropping them into the book return slot, which is usually located near the front entrance inside the library. Many libraries also offer a book slot outside for returning books when the library branch is closed.


Online public libraries, such as the Digital Public Library, are online depositories of digital writings, art work, music, pictures and videos. These digital goods are available for use by the public across the globe, often for free. Some traditional brick-and-mortar libraries, such as Wallingford P