Jehovah's Witnesses often practice door-to-door evangelization, elect not to participate in military service or politics, do not accept blood transfusions and do not celebrate Christmas, Easter or birthdays. These are ju... More »

Famous Jehovah's Witnesses include the Jackson family, the Wayans family, Venus and Serena Williams and model Coco Rocha. Other well-known figures, such as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Naomi Campbell, Michelle Rodriguez and Pat... More » Art & Literature

The official website for the Jehovah's Witnesses Christian denomination is The website offers a wealth of information regarding the denomination, including an online Bible publication, access to the "Watchtower" ... More »

The Jehovah's Witnesses began in the latter half of the 19th century. The organization's presidents, including Charles Taze Russell and Joseph Rutherford, led the religion through times of opposition from within and from... More » World View Religion Christianity

Jehovah's Witnesses believe in one God, that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected, and in the authority of the New World Translation of the Bible. They do not believe in the trinity nor that hell exists, and they expect... More »

Jehovah's Witnesses allow anyone to attend their conventions without charging admission or taking collections of money. This pattern is also held to during their meetings. Jehovah's Witnesses are supported by voluntary d... More »

Jehovah's Witnesses hold beliefs about marriage that include rules that forbid sexual misconduct within and without the confines of marriage. They require that the marriage ceremony be held within the church only. Jehova... More »