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A red yield indicates that a driver must prepare to come to a full stop and yield to pedestrians and vehicles with the right-of-way if either are present, according to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. If neither is present, the driver may proceed without stopping.


Actual yield is defined as the amount of a specified substance produced at the end of a chemical reaction performed in actuality, rather than theoretically. Actual yield is very often lower than the amount of substance predicted by chemical equations.


Yield management refers to the process of examining and analyzing the actions of consumers in order to set variable prices for a perishable product or service at the maximum amount of profit. Some of the factors considered include buying patterns, timing and price.


Common types of high-yield investments include high-yield bond funds, high-yield stocks and stock funds, real estate investment trusts and peer-to-peer lending sites, according to U.S. News & World Report. These investments offer the potential for more income than investors would earn on bank deposi


The term "yield," when used in cooking, refers to the number of servings that are generated by a particular recipe. In most recipes, the term "yields, " followed by a number, is used at the beginning or the end of an ingredient list.


Stocks with high dividend yields may be found by using stock screeners, such as those offered by Yahoo! Finance, Google and MSN or by consulting lists compiled by financial publications. Investors must be cautious when selecting high dividend yield stocks. Stocks with the highest yields, above 5 per


To find stocks with a high yield, investors can generate a list of potential companies using an Internet stock screening tool. These can be found on the finance page of search engines like Yahoo and Google, according to For Dummies.


The theoretical yield of a reaction is the amount of product that would be produced in a complete reaction. Theoretical yield is based on ideal conditions and can be calculated through stoichiometry – a calculation of relative reactants and products in a reaction.


To find the theoretical yield, balance the given chemical equation, and find the limiting reagent by calculating the mole ratios. Once the limiting reagent is found, convert its amount from moles to grams.


Examples of safe high-yield investments include preferred stock, utility stock and fixed annuities, as Money Crashers reports. Brokered certificates of deposit and unit investment trusts are other examples of investments that have low to moderate risk as well as high return yields. Investors can als