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Yellow Dog Democrats was a political term applied to voters in the Southern United States who voted solely for candidates who represented the Democratic Party. The term originated in the late 19th century. These voters would allegedly "vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for any Republican".


The term "yellow dog" derives from the saying, "I'd vote for a yellow dog if he ran on the Democratic ticket." In the 1928 presidential election campaign, yellow dog Democrats were Alabamans who remained loyal to the party even though they did not like the Democratic candidate, Al Smith.

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Someone (generally from the South) who would vote for a yellow dog if it was a Democrat. Alternately, someone who would rather vote for a yellow dog than a Republican. The term probably dates back to the 19th century and gained national recognition in the 1928 Presidential election. Today, used most often as a term of approval or self-identification.


After Republican President Abraham Lincoln defeated the Confederacy, many Southern Democrats said they would rather “vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for any Republican.” Today, the term refers to loyal Democratic voters who vote the straight party line.


yellow-dog-democrats definition: Noun 1. plural form of yellow dog Democrat... Definitions. yellow-dog-democrats. Noun. plural form of yellow dog Democrat; English Wiktionary. Available under CC-BY-SA license. Link/Cite Link to this page. Cite this page. MLA Style "yellow-dog-democrats." ...


From the claim that such Democrats would sooner vote for a yellow dog, if it ran on the Democratic ticket, than a Republican. Noun . Yellow Dog Democrat (plural Yellow Dog Democrats) (US politics, dated) A Democrat, especially a Southern one, who votes a straight party ticket; one who invariably votes for Democratic candidates. Antonyms


yellow-dog-democrat definition: Noun (plural yellow dog Democrats) 1. Alternative capitalization of Yellow Dog Democrat.....


"The name 'Blue Dog' originates from the long-time tradition of referring to a strong Democratic Party supporter as being a 'Yellow Dog Democrat,' who would, 'vote for a yellow dog if it was listed on the ballot as a Democrat.'


The Blue Dog Coalition, commonly known as the Blue Dogs or Blue Dog Democrats, is a caucus of United States Congressional Representatives from the Democratic Party who identify as fiscally-responsible, centrist Democrats. The caucus professes a pragmatic approach to governance, an independence from leadership of both parties, and a mission of fiscal responsibility and promoting national defense.

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Yellow Dog Democrat - A Democrat who would ostensibly vote for that party's candidate even if it happened to be a yellow dog. (Originally Southern, now nationwide.)