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I am a 42 male who constantly suffers from a discharge of yellow fluid from my rectum. iam not a hommosexualist. the I some times experience constipation and itiching rectum. the discharge looks like puse. at time some contant of blood are left in my under wears. what help can you to me. this gives me a lot of discomfort.. thans for any service you may rander me. thanks Mr. stool.


IBS sufferers get this problem. As been explained, it is a muscus discharge from the anus, originating from the bowels. Sometimes it is clear and slimy or sometimes its yellow-ish, containing bile fluids/faeces in small amounts. It is very acidic and may make you itch. Totally symptomatic of IBS so nothing to worry about. Its not cancerous.


Anal/Rectal Abscess An anal, or rectal, abscess occurs when a cavity in the anus becomes filled with pus. It can cause pain, fatigue, rectal discharge, and fever.


Smelly, yellowish anal discharge Discussions By Condition: I cannot get a diagnosis. Smelly, yellowish anal discharge. Posted In: I cannot get a diagnosis. 17 Replies ... It always ends up on my underwear too and it stains them light yellow/brown. Before it stains, there's like very small scattered wet spots all on the butt crack area. ...


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What causes anal mucous discharge? Anal mucous discharge is primarily caused by inflammation triggering mucus production from cells called "goblet cells" in the intestine. It can be caused by the ingestion of something that causes inflammation, inflammatory conditions in the gut, or systemic inflammation that causes excess mucous throughout the ...


Causes of Anal Leakage. ... Anal discharge is due to the mucosal prolapse of your rectal musculature. This is normal and essential is such cases. ... and whrn i check my anus there is yellow discharge inside it… Did’nt have any irritation just a mild one about one day before i realize there is a yellow diacharge …19years old, female.


Introduction: This information shows the various causes of Rectal discharge, and how common these diseases or conditions are in the general population.This is not a direct indication as to how commonly these diseases are the actual cause of Rectal discharge, but gives a relative idea as to how frequent these diseases are seen overall.. 2 diseases that are "very common".


Rectal discharge is intermittent or continuous expression of liquid from the anus ().Normal rectal mucus is needed for proper excretion of waste. Otherwise, this is closely related to types of fecal incontinence (e.g. fecal leakage) but the term rectal discharge does not necessarily imply degrees of incontinence. Types of fecal incontinence that produce a liquid leakage could be thought of as ...


Re: Yellow Mucus Discharge, Please Help! Hi, thanks for the replies by the way. OK, There seems to be less noticable yellow mucus now, if there is any, its not easy to see, either on the toilet paper, or in the toilet, and all my stools seemed pretty well formed, and not narrow at all.