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The average median salary of a doctor is $187,200 a year. A physician's salary is greatly affected by his specialty. The salary of a doctor is among the highest of all occupations.


To calculate yearly income, consider earnings from all sources, sum all of these items over a particular period, and then translate the data to represent an annual basis. Income streams can vary, and calculating yearly income can help with financial forecasting.


Intuit Payroll reports that salary employees may calculate annual salary by multiplying the amount of each pay check by the number of pay checks in each year. Alternatively, the number of hours worked each year may be multiplied by the hourly rate to determine annual sa...


An hourly pay rate is the result of dividing annual salary by the number of annual hours, according to Intuit. Tools on the Calculators.org and Fox Business websites perform these calculations automatically with some user input.


A salary tax calculator is a digital tool used to determine an individual's tax liability based on their gross income and voluntary deductions, according to ADP. Employees can also use salary calculators to verify other payroll details, such as take-home pay.


Take-home salaries are computed using income calculators such as those provided by ADP.com and Calculator.net. These calculators estimate net pay after variables such as federal and state income tax, Social Security and Medicare tax are deducted. Salary calculators are ...


Radio hosts, also referred to as disc jockey or announcers, make an average of $27,750 per year according to 2012 data from the Occupational Employment Statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a branch of the U.S. Department of Labor. This is equivalent t...