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The Bureau of Labor and Statistics houses the current Consumer Price Index, or CPI, on its website. The Bureau provides monthly news releases with CPI information, and its website has archives dating back to 1994.


Consumer price indexes, or CPIs, are used to measure the level of inflation in an economy and to help determine the real rather than nominal change in the value of wages, prices and other economic measures. A CPI measures the percentage change in prices for a bundle of ...


CPI index data by year is in Table 24 of the CPI Detailed Report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau's data begins in 1913.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the Consumer Price Index; monthly and yearly information regarding the CPI is available on the bureau's website at BLS.gov. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers information on the CPI for every month and year dating back t...


CPI, or consumer price index, is a measurement of the average amount of money that households spend on consumer goods and services. The CPI is also used to calculate wages, salaries, pensions and regulated or contracted prices.


Chained CPI stands for Chained Consumer Price Index. This index is an assessment of consumer spending habits used to determine how much the cost of living has gone up in certain areas or throughout the country. The index uses 211 categories of goods and services in 38 g...


The Crisis Prevention Institute offers courses that train individuals how to diffuse hostile situations without using violence. After an individual completes the training, they will receive a CPI certification.