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Yamaha Motorcycles Serial Prefix – Yamaha Model Codes 1995 - 2012 Every prefix from a Yamaha vehicle identification number ( VIN number ) refers to a model code of a Yamaha motorcycle. Here we have a list from all prefixes and model codes including their model year and the available colors available in that year.


Identify That Motorcycle Engine. ... Cycle World heads to Spain to ride the Yamaha Ténéré 700 nearly a year before the midsize adventure motorcycle will be available in the States.


Yamaha VIN Codes. In this section you'll find a Yamaha VIN code explained by example. Note that the info below dates from the year 2000 and might well be outdated for models after that year. ... The following coding is generally used by Yamaha for Engine piston and ring sets. Please note there may be exceptions.


Yamaha XJ550 models have the code is placed left to right while on other models it's front to back. The vintage Yamaha VIN decoder will decipher any code from any location on the bike. The Yamaha VIN decoder ATV will tell you the information about the type of the engine, its specs and the type of fuel you can use. You should compare the code on ...


Engine numbers for Yamaha motorcycles, which are stamped into the engine block, are decoded and partially listed on a number of websites. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration introduced a standard in 1981 where a motorcycle's engine number had to match its vehicle identification number.


155 cc engine with VVA. We begin with the heart of the 2019 NMax, its engine. Yamaha has incorporated a 155 cc single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. It has been tuned to produce a maximum power of 14.9 bhp at 8000 revs and 14.4 Nm of torque at 6000 revs.


Yamaha original motorcycle color codes and abbreviations. Every Yamaha vehicle has a white label that contains the; model type code, production code no. and in this case the most important the Colouring Type.The label is most often positioned on the rear end of the frame, under the seat or near the vehicle identification number ( VIN Number ).


Also, generally when Yamaha makes a change to an inter-related group of parts, they will denote that by changing the third group of numbers, usually from 00- to 10- or 50-, etc.. Sometimes these parts (or even the entire group of parts) can be perfectly swapped between years, sometimes not. It's hard to say what the difference may be between the 00- and X0- parts.


Yamaha uses a standardized numbering system, which is broken into four sections: model code, basic part number, design code and the finish code. Because the crankcase engine number is actually the part number, improper identification might occur if the engine has been replaced, or if an interchangeable case has been swapped with the original.