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We all know that Sasha Banks is pissed off with the WWE at the moment. As she is upset with the way her character has been booked. She and Bayley were both ranting about dropping their tag titles at Wrestlemania, after having such a short reign.


Yahoo Answers Sign in Mail ⚙ ... Maybe he could make a one off non wrestling appearance or something but that’s about it Don’t compare him to Stone Cold or Chris Jericho Should he return he would lose all respect and besides he’s getting too old to compete. If he did return how would it go down in his career?


Ashley was beautiful, but loved professional wrestling, and tried to improve her wrestling skills. Even when she wasn't in WWE, she wanted to compete and still entertain the fans. I never had the pleasure of meeting, or even writing Ashley Massaro, but I do remember her been kind to the fans, and even responding back to them.


Best Answer: you might try building one, get some pallets. when i was growing up, i seen lots of stores throwing old worn out pallets away, start by gathering up those, and get some sheets of ply wood, depending on how big you want your ring, will determine how many sheets you need. you might be surprised ...


Best answer: "How can someone be an independent contractor if they have an exclusive contract?": Technically WWE talent aren't exclusive. I think Vince has even said that if a wrestler wants to work elsewhere based on a few conditions: It has to be on the wrestler's own time and cannot conflict with WWE events, the other company cannot have a television presence, and the company ...


Yahoo Singapore Answers ... Professional Wrestling is a Profession where it is hard to maintain true friendships, just ask any Professional... show more. Best answer: Do you recall all The Tag Team Partners and Associates The Miz has knifed in the back over the last 12 Years? Should I name some of them?


Yahoo Singapore Answers ... How can I get people at my school to join the wrestling team. The turnout this year was pretty disappointing because only 6 people came to the meeting. What are your ideas on how to get people to join around the school. Our resources are pretty good. Throw all ideas out there .


Best answer: Jimmy Wang Yang : Jimmy was quite the underrated high flier, and he's landed pretty much everywhere of note in wrestling over the past 20 years. WCW, WWE, TNA, ROH, name a place and Yang was there. He always got saddled with some horrendous gimmick, but he was always there and giving his best performance.


Well I'm in a tought weight class 275. I'm 248 and a sophemore. I get my *** kicked alot in Varsity but I usually own in JV. Just wondering if someone had any tips on wrestling at 275