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Funny post on Yahoo Answers of a mom asking why her baby is smiling while he is sleeping. Once person posts back decent response that the baby is happy and that is why he is smiling. Then comes in some brute in the Yahoo Answers forum and sort of claims to remember wanting boobs for lunch when he was a baby and that why this woman's baby is ...


15 Funny Yahoo! Answers Fails. Posted on October 3, 2017 November 3, 2017 by admin. Cateogory: Fun Tech. 1,567,682 views. For thousands of years, humans sought the advice of elders, wise men, and scribes to answers life's difficult questions. Then the internet happened, and people started asking complete strangers for help.


Poll: Have you ever made it to a Yahoo answers fail website? More questions. Never Fails Poll: what is the ONE question you ALWAYS see listed when on Yahoo answers? Poll: What was your longest break from Yahoo Answers? Answer Questions. Is Tokyo Gore Police (2008) any good?


Yahoo Answers is a mixed bag of useful information, helpful commenters, weird advice, and most of all, really, really dumb questions. In search of some thoughtful answers, users post their most ...


Official “Dumbest Fails #54 | Stupid Questions On The Internet - Yahoo Answers (part 2)” video by Alonzo Lerone. Dumbest Yahoo Questions part 1 https://www.y...


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Why did Yahoo fail relative to Google? Update Cancel. ... and Yahoo Answers? Should Google buy Yahoo? Why is Yahoo less popular than Google? What made Yahoo fail? They used to be very successful. ... Why was Google able to topple Yahoo while Bing failed to replace Google? Why did Google beat Yahoo? What are the differences between Quora, Reddit ...


Yahoo Answers NASA Questions Are The Best. User on Yahoo Answers asks a question if NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up the sounds of space battles. Without even getting into the fact that space battles would be largely silent, nor would NASA want to keep it quiet if they did make noise, as they would need political clout to get funding for ...


Yahoo Answers is a gold mine. The Q&A forum, where users can ask whatever their hearts desire, is home to a wide range of, shall we say, dim questions. Users post queries in categories like beauty ...


Yahoo! Answer fail. 844 likes. for yahoo! answer fails and also youtube comment fail/win