The XFINITY website offers instructions on how to program remotes that it provides with its cable boxes. Within the guide, there are also instructions on how to program televisions, Blu-Ray players and audio devices. More » Technology Television & Video

Upgrading your Xfinity service requires logging into your Comcast account and selecting the available services or products you wish to purchase. Phone agents or online chat representatives can also upgrade your service f... More »

Replace a Comcast HD cable box by purchasing an alternative cable processing unit through a third-party retailer, which allows you to decode the incoming cable signal and transmit the content by connecting it to an HD te... More »

Xfinity Remote codes are used to program the remote controls used on the cable boxes to work television sets. These codes vary according to the brand of the television, and use a specific procedure that inputs the code f... More » Technology Television & Video

Comcast's Xfinity cable service does offer high definition, or HD, television. The company provides thousands of television shows and movies in HD, both through its standard cable services and online. More » Technology Television & Video

Setup instructions for the Harmony 650 remote are available at Logitech's MyHarmony website. The Harmony setup page has instructions for getting started and downloading the MyHarmony Desktop Software. More » Technology Television & Video

Logitech remote setup instructions are available on the company website in the Support section. Navigate to, and click the Support tab. Select Support+Downloads from the drop-down menu. Click the Harmony Rem... More » Technology Television & Video