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LED flashlights use LED bulb technology, which gives them the ability to shine several times brighter than regular flashlights with halogen bulbs. LED light bulbs produce very little heat, which means that they use a lot less energy than other light bulbs do. An average...


Xenon is a noble or inert gas used mainly for its light-emitting properties in products like photographic flash lamps, automobile headlights and fog lights, bactericidal lamps, strobe lamps, electron tubes, and lamps used to excite ruby lasers. Because xenon is one of t...


Xenon is found in its natural form in the Earth's atmosphere, which contains about one part in 20 million of xenon gas. Xenon is a noble, or inert, gas that is odorless and colorless.


One neutral atom of xenon has 54 electrons. Xenon is number 54 on the Periodic Table of the Elements. It has an atomic weight of 131.29 amu and its chemical symbol is Xe.


The longest-lasting disposable batteries available in 2015, according to WiseBread, include Duracell Quantum and Duracell CopperTop. Energizer Ultimate Lithium is also a highly rated battery brand, but lithium batteries do not perform as well as alkaline batteries for s...


Xenon is the heaviest of the noble gases with a density of 5.84 grams per liter. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless. This nontoxic gas, while considered inert, forms compounds with oxygen and fluorine that are all toxic due to their strong oxidation potential. Exci...


Some chemical properties of xenon include dissolving slightly in water, reacting with fluorine and becoming toxic and explosive in compound form. Xenon is known as an "inert gas" or a "noble gas" because it typically does not form compounds with other elements.