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Kindergarten sight words are words used frequently in texts written in English, such as "at," "it," "he," "an" and "up." Although there are only about 200 sight words, they comprise around 50 to 70 percent of a general text. Learning them is important for developing reading skills, says Education.co


The Internet is the fastest way to get access to a variety of different resources for kindergarten sight words from sites such as readingbyphonics.com. Many of these resources are free to print at home.


Kindergarten round up is an early registration event for parents to sign their small children up for school. Round ups are typical in many school districts throughout the country. The goal is to introduce parents and kids to kindergarten, and to register many students as early as possible.


Kindergarten sight words help beginning readers develop fluency by memorizing commonly used words that make up roughly 50 percent of the English language. While sight words are typically short, some are not easy to sound out or illustrate, so children are more successful at building core vocabularie


Online homeschooling websites such as Time4learning and Moby Max offer kndergarten lessons, and virtual classes are available through K12 or Connections Academy in many states for no charge. There are some for-profit private school options in states where virtual schools are not funded through the p


Tips for choosing books for kindergarten students include talking with children about their interests, allowing them to choose books to read and asking what books your local library recommends. Other considerations include theme and subject matter, such as public manners and going to school.


According to the National Center for Education Statistics in 2012, 12 U.S states require districts to offer full-day kindergarten. Fifteen states have declared kindergarten attendance mandatory after the compulsory age set by the state.


There are several websites online that provide free sight word lists for kindergartners, including the Education.com website. The kindergarten sight words are the ones they will come across most while learning to read and that are hard to sound out.


Some good activities to teach kindergartners Spanish include singing class songs, playing games and using worksheets and other exercises to practice vocabulary words, suggests The School at Columbia University. Worksheets are available that teachers and parents can use to help kindergartners learn v


Reading games that focus on helping kids identify sounds and rhyming words, increase their vocabularies, recognize words by sight and compare and contrast what they're reading are all appropriate for kindergarteners. Games focusing on these skills are available to play online on the SmartTutor and E