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"Deadpool" can be played online on Steam for PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Before July 15, 2015, digital copies of the game were retracted from the online platform since the contract between Marvel Studios and Activision had expired but as of January 2016, the ...


It is possible to purchase a Deadpool costume for children on Amazon.com and Herostime.com. The Deadpool costume on Amazon.com is a jumpsuit with a detachable hood. It is available in four sizes. As of September 2015, the price of the costume is $59, plus a shipping cos...


Natural predators of the wolverine include the mountain lion, wolf and bear. Humans are also a natural predator of the wolverine as large game hunters enjoy hunting the wolverine for sport.


Wolverines are powerful hunters and scavengers, feeding mainly on small- and medium-sized mammals. Staples in their diet include beavers, rodents, rabbits, small bears and sheep. They also feed on the dead bodies of large mammals like elk and caribou.


A baby wolverine can be called either a cub or kit. They are born fully furred with white fur in litters of an average of two or three kits per pregnancy.


Wolverines require large geographic areas to roam for food, and as such, often inhabit remote boreal forests, taiga and tundra in Northern Europe, Asia and North America. Wolverines may roam up to 15 miles a day looking for food. Wolverines are omnivores and consume pla...


A baby wolverine is called a "kit," the same name given to baby foxes. Two or three kits are usually born at a time, and these groups are called a "litter."