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Skritter.com, LearnChineseez.com, ClearChinese.com, and ArchChinese.com offer options for learning how to write Chinese. Many local community colleges and learning centers also offer classes on the subject.


Skritter, California State University at Long Beach and ClearChinese.com have tools to help people learn to write in Chinese. Each of the three tools introduces the characters in a different way, supporting a variety of learning styles.


The Chart of Common Characters of Modern Chinese contains 3,500 characters, as of 2015. However, the Dictionary of Chinese Variant Form contains definitions for over 100,000 Chinese characters.


Some ways to translate English names to Chinese are translating phonetically or by meaning. People can translate names phonetically because English syllables generally correspond to a Chinese character that sounds roughly the same. This translation is based on pronuncia...


Free online resources for learning Chinese writing include Learn NC, FluentU and Arch Chinese. Fluent in 3 Months and FluentU are also portals where learners can find a wealth of Chinese learning resources, including writing resources.


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