A character letter to a judge should include the judge's name and title, information about who you are, information about how you met the defendant, specific good deeds that you have seen the defendant do and how an inca... More »

A letter sent to a sentencing judge in a criminal case should be addressed using the judge’s full name, title and mailing address. Use a business style to the letter, which means the text of the letter should be aligned ... More »

When writing a letter to a judge before sentencing, the letter should be written as a business letter in professional form and should highlight the legitimate reasons why the defendant should not go to jail. A letter to ... More »

A sample character letter written to a judge should include a brief introduction, information on the subject's character based on experience and an invitation to contact the writer with further inquiries. Never give info... More »

At minimum, a character reference addressed to a judge should provide the name of the defendant or petitioner whom the reference letter is about, the nature of the legal decision the judge must decide, a requested outcom... More »

According to Emily Post, a letter to a Supreme Court judge is addressed using "The Chief Justice" without a name or "Justice" with the last name. The full name of the court is under the name, followed by the address. More »

To write a customer complaint letter, first research the name of the person in the company who handles complaints, and address the letter specifically to that person, including his job title. In the body of the letter, i... More »

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