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Antonyms can be found in a thesaurus entry for a word, usually after the synonyms, which are the opposite of antonyms. Antonyms can also be found at the end of a dictionary entry of a word. These materials provide definitions, parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms for words.


To find a list of antonyms, visit academic websites such as EnchantedLearning.com, Synonyms-Antonyms.com and MyEnglishPages.com. All three websites provide a list of antonyms arranged in their alphabetical order to make it easier to locate a specific word and its antonym based on the first letter.


There are several online resources for finding synonyms and antonyms. One of the best-known is Merriam-Webster, which hosts a website that has both a searchable dictionary and thesaurus along with other useful tools.


One good source for finding antonyms is Thesaurus.com. Search any word on the site's home page search box to find a list of synonyms and antonyms for that word. Alternatively, use OxfordDictionaries.com. Click the Synonym tab on the home page, enter any word in the search box, and find a list of syn


The word "careful" means being marked by prudence or concern, and more fully, showing close attentiveness to avoiding danger and trouble; an antonym of it would therefore be a word such as "careless," according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. An example of "careful" used in a sentence is "


Up and down, short and tall, on and off, open and close, and stop and go are examples of antonym pairs, or opposites. A word has an antonym when it occupies an extreme, such as "hot." Some words do not have antonyms, such as "apple." Learning antonyms is a great way to expand vocabulary because the


Some common synonyms are kind and nice, glad and happy, fast and quick, shiny and bright, as well as noisy and loud. Some common antonyms are thick and thin, cold and hot, similar and different, early and late, as well as safe and dangerous.


Find a list of antonyms on EnchantedLearning.com and synonyms on Thesaurus.com, as of 2015. EnchantedLearning.com provides a list of common words and their antonyms. Thesaurus.com allows visitors to enter words into a search box to find a list of synonyms.


Two antonyms for beneficiary are giver and payer. Any word that has to do with giving or paying could also be classified as an antonym for beneficiary.


Thesauruses are systemized collections of synonyms and antonyms that are available in both print and digital formats. Examples of popular online English thesauruses include Synonym.com, Roger's Thesaurus online at Thesaurus.com, The Collins English Thesaurus and the MacMillan English Thesaurus.