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Certain exercises put undue stress on the spine and back muscles, causing additional aggravation and pain instead of relieving pain symptoms. Exercises that people dealing with back pain should avoid include high-impact aerobics, leg lifts, forward bends, sit-ups and overhead weight lifting.


When it comes to severe weather advisories, a warning is more severe than a watch. Each is issued by a different branch of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Coughs get worse at night due to mucus pooling at the back of the throat, drier air at night and the body's natural reflex to clear the lungs, according to Everyday Health. Nighttime coughing may prevent sleep, and rest is one of the best ways to fight off a cold.


Critical is more severe than serious in describing a patient's medical condition. Both conditions may be life threatening.


Foods such as dairy products, fatty foods, sugar-free foods and gas-producing foods usually make diarrhea worse. Other foods that exacerbate diarrhea include alcohol, caffeine and carbonated beverages and unsafe foods.


Worsening protrusion of the bladder into the vagina indicates that a dropped, or prolapsed, bladder has gotten worse, according to eMedicineHealth. Prolapsed organs do not heal on their own, and medical attention is necessary as soon as a woman notices symptoms of a prolapsed bladder. These symptoms


In the winter, static electricity is worse due to a lack of air humidity, leading to a charge imbalance. In dry materials such as carpets, hair and nylon, there is a buildup of electrons that creates this charge imbalance, causing static electric to be more intense in winter's drier air. Basically,


Stress can make a stomach ulcer worse, according to Summit Medical Group. While stress, along with spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and food with a high acid content such as tomatoes and oranges, does not create ulcers, it can make ulcers worse, as well as slow healing.


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