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A map maker is formally called a cartographer. A cartographer is trained in cartography, which incorporates elements of both science and art.


Political maps, physical maps and topographic maps are types of world maps. Political maps highlight the political subdivisions in different regions around the world. They can be general or specialized. General political maps emphasize regions of global importance, while specialized political maps r


World maps are available on websites such as MapsOfWorld.com and CIA.gov. Users may view, download or print a variety of world maps, including political maps, physical maps and time zone maps on these websites.


Some types of maps that are widely used are physical, political, mineral, blank and thematic maps. Types of thematic maps include desert, ocean, major mountain range, vegetation and earthquake maps. Maps are made using data projected over the geographic image of the Earth to show information.


Big pictures of world maps are available for purchase online at Maps.com and MapSales.com. National Geographic also sells large pictures of world maps. Maps.com offers $5 off a purchase for signing up to receive its newsletter, as of 2015.


To buy a map of the whole world, shop the product selection from a retailer such as Maps.com, the National Geographic store or Amazon.com. Each of these retailers sells a number of styles of world maps for a range of purposes, including academics and decoration.


Individuals can find and view world maps on MapsOfWorld.com and MapQuest.com. Both maps show the nations of the world and the borders between them, and both are interactive, allowing users to click on smaller nations, cities and states for information. Users can also print both maps for free.


Some high-end makers of world time watches include Breguet, Breitling, Breitling for Bentley, and Baume and Mercier, according to the Watch Time website. These companies are well-known for their high-quality wrist and pocket watches.


WorldAtlas features a political map that shows continents, countries and territories along with the location of some major cities and governmental boundaries demarcating states within countries. Maps of World has a map that features the agreed-upon boundaries of all 193 United Nations member states,


Claudius Ptolemaeus, who lived around 100 to 178 A.D. and is more popularly known as Ptolemy, is believed to have invented the first world map. However, cave paintings and ancient maps that pre-date Ptolemy are considered attempts to create maps to help people define and navigate the world.