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Some online fabric stores include Fabric.com and Fabric Depot. There is also Mood Designer Fabrics, which specializes in high-end clothing and home fabrics made by popular designers.


With all of the brightly colored presents, the spirit of St. Nicholas and the general goodwill, some people wish it were Christmas every day. If you lived in Frankenmuth, Michigan, you really could celebrate any time of year, as the town is home to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the world’s largest


The largest named number in the world is a googolplexian. Because numbers are infinite, and any number can be made larger by simply adding to it, the largest number in the world is defined as the largest number that has a name.


As of 2012, nine cities have populations estimated in excess of 20 million people. These include Tokyo at 37.1 million; Jakarta, Indonesia, at 26 million; and Seoul, South Korea, at 22.5 million.


The largest cell in the world is an ostrich’s egg. Sometimes weighing over 3 pounds, the ostrich’s egg is composed of a single cell, as all other animal eggs are.


Some of the largest food companies in the world include Nestle, General Mills, Kraft Foods, Mars, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Kellogg's. Of these companies, the largest in 2013 (the last year of reporting available) was Nestle with more than $100 billion in sales, and around $11 billion in profit, accord


The Internet is the largest computer network. It is composed of thousands of smaller networks and connects billions of devices worldwide, handling the majority of data communication that occurs on a daily basis.


Some of the largest banks in the world include the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and JPMorgan Chase. Some more of the largest banks in the world include Wells Fargo, HSBC, Citigroup, Bank of America and Barclay's. Differen


Without considering oceans, the largest sea in the world is the Philippine Sea, with an area of about 2 million square miles. It borders the Philippines, Japan, the Marianas Islands and Taiwan. If the term "sea" includes oceans, the largest sea is the Pacific Ocean at 64.19 million square miles.


The 10 largest seas by surface area are the Philippine Sea, the Coral Sea, the Arabian Sea, the South China Sea, the Weddell Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Tasman Sea, the Bering Sea and the Bay of Bengal. They are ranked from largest to smallest.