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The original recipe for Oysters Rockefeller, one of the most widely recognized Louisiana dishes, is also one of the most guarded secrets in New Orleans. Originating at Antoine's Restaurant in the French Quarter, the dish consists of broiled oysters on the half shell top...


Food Network offers a recipe for Oysters Rockefeller from Tyler Florence, star of the Food Network program “Food 911.” The recipe, served as an appetizer, feeds eight people.


Some recipes using canned oysters include crispy oven-fried oysters and scalloped oysters. Canned oysters can also be used in a wide range of dip recipes, such as hot crab and oyster dip.


Three food websites that feature great recipes for oyster stew are Food Network, Allrecipes.com and My Recipes. The oyster stew recipe created by famed chef Emeril Lagasse is highly regarded by reviewers, as is the recipe featured on Allrecipes.com. My Recipes offers a ...


One good recipe for fried oysters calls for dipping oysters in seasoned buttermilk and then in a cornmeal-and-flour mixture before frying them in hot oil for two to three minutes. Drain the fried oysters on paper towels before serving.


This oyster stuffing recipe provided by Butterball is quick and easy because it uses canned oysters and easy to make stuffing mix. The recipe calls for butter, celery, onion, whole oysters, chicken broth and stuffing mix.


Paula Deen has an oyster stew recipe that is easy to make. It involves combining onions with oysters and a variety of cream products to create a rich and slightly spicy soup. The ingredients are combined and cooked over low heat, and are ready when the oysters are cooke...