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To make a simple ham, cook a smoked cut of pork at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 30 minutes per pound. Coat with a pineapple-honey glaze, and garnish with pineapple slices and Maraschino cherries. The finished dish yields 10 to 12 servings.


Apple Raisin Sauce and Pineapple Sauce are two delicious options to sauce a baked ham. A tangy mustard sauce also compliments the sweetness of the ham, while a cool, yogurt mint sauce adds a pleasant contrast.


The length of time to bake a ham can be dependent on factors like the size and whether the ham is uncooked or already precooked. For uncooked hams, the cooking time is approximately 20 minutes per pound at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for a whole ham that weighs between ten to fifteen pounds. An uncooked


Some online sources for ham recipes include FoodNetwork.com, BettyCrocker.com and MyRecipes.com, which feature highly rated recipes for spiced ham with sweet potatoes, baked ham with brown sugar mustard glaze and honey glazed ham. MyRecipes.com has a recipe for loaded potatoes with ham and Swiss che


A good recipe for fresh ham is Paula Deen's fresh ham with house seasoning. Another good recipe is roasted fresh ham with cider glaze, also featured on the Food Network.


The time it takes to bake a smoked ham can depend on factors like its weight and whether the ham is pre-cooked or uncooked. A whole smoked ham with the bone-in, which is uncooked, can take about 20 minutes per pound if it weighs between 10 to 14 pounds. A fully cooked and canned ham, which weighs ab


The smoked ham recipe from Gina and Patrick Neely receives many positive reviews from visitors on FoodNetwork.com. A sweet holiday glaze placed over the top of the finished ham makes a nice addition.


Make baked scalloped potatoes with ham by combining melted butter, flour, parsley, salt, pepper and thyme in a pan. Slowly add milk, and bring it to a boil. Layer a baking pan with potatoes, onions and ham, and top with the milk mixture.


FoodNetwork.com, TasteofHome.com and KraftRecipes.com offer ham salad recipes that are well-rated by users. FoodNetwork.com's recipe calls for lots of mustard, TasteofHome.com's includes hard-cooked egg as an ingredient and KraftRecipes.com's tosses in shredded cheese.


A recipe for ham baked in Coca-Cola is Nigella Lawson's Ham in Cola. This recipe involves simmering ham and onion with Coca-Cola before applying a clove, sugar, molasses and mustard glaze and baking in the oven for a crispy exterior.