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Bluefin tuna are the most valuable species of fish in the world - once selling at record £2.5m. Kayaker Rupert Kirkwood, 60, photographed the bluefin tuna three miles off Plymouth on Tuesday.


This 222 kilogram bluefin tuna fish was sold last January for $1.8 million at a Japanese market-making it the world’s most expensive fish. The highest bidder, who acknowledge that the price for this fish was “a bit high” hoped that his purchase would “encourage Japan by providing good tuna” which is a popular food item in Japan.


The most expensive fish in the world are at the same time the rarest in the world.Collectors are willing to spend hundreds of thousands for them. Today we’re taking a look at the most expensive fish ever sold in the world. As one would expect, all these fish are exotic and relatively small in size. They are all fabulous and some of them are even quite intelligent such as the Platinum Arowana.


A giant bluefin tuna is the most expensive fish fetched 16.3 million yen, which is equivalent to $177,000, in an auction at the world’s largest fish market in Japan. The 513-pound fish was purchased by anonymous owners of Japan and Hong-Kong based sushi restaurants, and is the most expensive fish since 2001, when a 440-pound tuna sold for a whopping 20.2 million yen at Tokyo’s Tsukiji market.


The Atlantic bluefin tuna is the largest of the tuna species, and can weigh as much as 700 kilograms and measure 3 meters in length. It can also reach a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. It’s considered as the most expensive fish in the world, according to the ministry.


The world of expensive fish is a surprisingly large one with many celebrities having a deep appreciation of their scaly friends. Let’s just dive into our top ten list of the worlds most expensive fish ever sold and just a note, here the prices mentioned are the highest individual fee paid for a single fish. 1. Red & White Koi Carp


Generally, fish sell for pennies on the dollar, as evidenced by the accepted method of transport -- plastic bag. Maybe it's because most humans think they don't feel pain, but our poor piscine friends don't often get the royal treatment. But some are incredibly expensive.


A Japanese sushi tycoon has paid a whopping $3.1m (£2.5m) for a giant tuna making it the world's most expensive. Kiyoshi Kimura bought the 278kg (612lbs) bluefin tuna, which is an endangered ...


This particular fish was recently on display in Taiwan. It has a unique genetic mutation on the front of its head causing it to look u-shaped instead of round, which is normal for rays. Currently it’s one of the most expensive aquarium fish in Taiwan with a price tag of $100,000.


BRITAIN’S “most expensive fish and chips” have been revealed at an eye-watering £32.50. Food critics are raving about this fishy dish, dubbing it a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’…