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The United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, so having cities with high costs of living comes as part of the package. Generally, cities that have booming industries, like technology, are more expensive. The Northeast is also packed with places where rent is high, daycare is exo


The most expensive illegal drug in the world, is the crystal form of LSD. It sells for around $3,000 per gram.


Herring is the most widely eaten fish in the world. However, in the United States, tuna is the most consumed fish, and the most consumed seafood is shrimp, according to 2012 statistics.


Fish belonging to the genus Cyclothone are believed to be, by number, the most common fish in oceans around the world. Despite their diminutive size of around 2.5 to 3 inches in length, members of this genus are believed to outweigh any other type of fish in terms of biomass.


As of 2014, the most expensive car sold at an auction was a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, which sold for $34.65 million. The same model was sold in a private sale for $52 million. The most expensive car produced in 2014 is the Lamborghini Veneno, which costs $4 million.


Some of the most expensive watches, as of 2016, are the Graff Diamonds Hallucination watch, Roger Dubuis' Excalibur Quatuor, Jaeger-LeCoultre's Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie and Greubel Forsey's Art Piece 1. Other expensive watches include A. Lange & Söhne's Grand Complication, Patek Philippe’s


Every year, millions of young adults leave their childhood behind and go off to college. They are told to graduate from high school, get into college and study for what will become a lifelong career. But what exactly does it cost to earn that education? In some cases, college can cost quite a bit. L


Some of the most expensive colleges in America as of 2015 include Sarah Lawrence College, Harvey Mudd College, Columbia University, New York University and the University of Chicago. The cost includes tuition, fees, and room and board.


According to This Old House, the most expensive wood is Macassar ebony. Also known as stripped ebony, this wood has a fine texture and small pores. Macassar ebony is reddish-brown with darker brown highlights.


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