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Cash, cash equivalents, inventory and accounts receivable are examples of working capital. Calculating net working capital is a way to measure the liquidity of an entity.


To find the capitalization rate, or cap rate, use the formula of capitalization rate equals annual net operating income over cost or value. The capitalization method is a different way of performing basic calculations in order to find the rate of interest that is used t...


A person can calculate capital allowances by taking the costs associated with the purchase of certain business assets and then deducting those costs from pretax profits, notes GOV.UK. Specific assets eligible for the capital allowance deduction include equipment, machin...


Some examples of capital goods, which are assets used to produce consumer goods and services, are machine tools, buildings, computers, baggage-handling systems, oil rigs and battleships. In the United States, the capital-goods sector is represented by companies such as ...


Capital gains taxes are calculated based on whether they are classified as either short-term or long-term, notes TurboTax. This classification determines the appropriate tax rate to apply.


To calculate the amount of work applied to a given object, multiply the force acting upon the object by the object's displacement, and multiply that total by the cosine of the angle between the force and displacement. Use joules as the unit of measurement for work.


Orexco provides access to capital gains calculators on its website. The four available calculators compute net adjusted basis, capital gains, capital gain tax due and after-tax equity.