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Harassment laws are statutes that address behavior intended to threaten, provoke, annoy or cause someone emotional distress, explains Criminal Defense Lawyer. There are several laws aimed at harassment, and these cover hate crimes, stalking and bullying. As of 2015, certain online behaviors, such as


Harassment can be illegal, according to FindLaw. There are two types of harassment: civil harassment and criminal harassment. Criminal harassment typically involves intentionally targeting someone with behavior that is meant to alarm or torment them. Civil harassment is a form of employment discrimi


The LegalMatch website offers a "Find a Lawyer" feature that enables visitors seeking a work harassment lawyer to choose the relevant area of employment law, enter their zip code, provide confidential details of their situation and connect with a local attorney who has the required specialization. T


To write a letter about harassment at work, write information about your employment, including your name, position, years of employment, department and supervisor; state the names and positions of other harassment victims and the harassment perpetrator; and list every situation in which you were har


A letter about harassment should reference the company's policies concerning harassment, and should include the petitioner's name, job title and status, department, supervisor and length of employment with the company, reports the Houston Chronicle. Additionally, the letter should contain the date a


One thing that individuals can do to stop harassing phone calls is to ensure that they are signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry that is operated by the Federal Trade Commission. This can be done either online via www.donotcall.gov or via phone by calling 888-382-1222.


Individuals can sue for harassment at work if enduring unwelcome behavior is a condition for continued employment or the offensive conduct creates a hostile environment for the individual. Harassment at work is unlawful because it violates title VII of the Civil Rights Act, advises the U.S. Equal Em


Harassing phone calls can be reported by contacting the local police department and phone company. Phone companies require police subpoenas to release private information, so reporting the harassment to the police first is recommended, especially if the harassment is serious.


Examples of attorney misconduct include behavior such as breach of trust, violence, interference with the administration of justice, dishonesty or committing a criminal act, explains The Law Library. The American Bar Association says lawyers are responsible for offenses that display a lack of qualit


Several laws protect civilians against police harassment. These laws are outlined in civil and criminal statutes in the U.S constitution and are applicable to all persons irrespective of their citizenship status, explains the U.S. Department of Justice.