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The best answer a person can give to such a question is telling the interviewee the contributions he or she is going to make while working in the company. Stating the experience and other skills to support the answer can also help.


To effectively answer this important interview question, you need to research the company and prepare a response that shows that your values and interests align with the organizational culture. One strategy is to show alignment with a key philosophy or value, such as in the answer, "I have always re


Question.com utilizes a large public forum to answer questions, so it altogether depends on the type of question asked and the education of the user who answers. As with any open forum, user-generated content, there are risks of getting unreliable information.


Ask.com uses shortcuts and several different types of searches, such as for images and local answers, to respond to the questions of those who use it. The questions can be in everyday English, rather than highly complicated or specific terms.


There are many acceptable answers to an interview question about a person's desire to work for that company, so long as the answer is intelligent and thoughtful. What is not acceptable is spouting off an answer about the pay or benefits as this lets the interviewer know that the individual is only i


A number of online resources are available to patients with medical questions and concerns, including WebMD Answers and Ask the Doctor. The resources feature advice from contributors, medical experts and licensed doctors, with personalized responses to questions from patients.


Answers to common accounting questions are available at Accounting Coach. Although the website has a premium plan, no account or payment is required to access the answers. As of December 2015, the website has the answers for 1,090 questions.


There are many websites where someone can sign up with a login and be paid to answer questions. Some of these sites include questions that users text in to the site, and some are Internet-based question-and-answer sites. Not all question-and-answer sites provide monetary compensation for question an


ZocDoc.com, Answers.WebMD.com and DoctorSpring.com are three online resources that offer free answers to medical questions. Individual health care providers or institutions are identified on these sites, although each site also stresses that an in-person consultation is best.


Many online resources are available to answer your questions about science, such as ScienceBuddies.org, the science forum at Reddit.com and AskaScientist.com, among other sites. Other "old fashioned" resources are available to provide answers, such as your local library and science professors at you