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Insurance agents sell prepaid health, auto and life insurance policies that offer holders access to financial benefits in case of personal injury or property damage. Agents typically work as part of an insurance company or a brokerage firm that provides these insurance policies.


To become an insurance agent, an individual needs to have either a high school diploma or bachelor's degree, complete on-the-job training and earn licensure in the state in which he works. An agent also might choose to earn certification for a specific type of insurance specialty.


Consumers can find insurance agents through referrals from family, friends, colleagues, business owners and trade associations, advises the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Individuals can search the Internet for agents handling the line of coverage they need. When looking for an ins


To become an insurance agent, a person must have a minimum of a high school education, but a bachelor's degree can help to improve job prospects. Education in economics, business and finance may also be helpful in becoming an insurance agent.


Home insurance agents help homeowners make the right coverage and pricing choices by matching them with suitable insurers, states Mutual Benefit Group. Agents allay homeowners’ concerns by answering their queries about complex issues that affect home insurance, according to Allstate.


To find a local insurance agent, ask for referrals from family, friends or acquaintances, recommends the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Checking with local businesses or trade organizations related to insurance is another good option for finding a local agent.


The requirements to get an insurance agent job include having at least a high school diploma and earning a state license, according to the United States Department of Labor. Those who earn a bachelor's degree may encounter more opportunities in this area.


To choose a life insurance agent, determine if the prospective agent has the necessary license, experience, education, training and credentials, suggests Everplans. Select an insurance company and request to talk with an agent, or ask for recommendations from relatives, friends and colleagues who've


Customers can locate health insurance agents through an agent membership organization, local insurance companies or the government health care website, notes the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), Sweeney and Sweeney Insurance and HealthCare.gov. Customers can learn more about the A


To become an independent insurance agent, earn a bachelor's degree in insurance or business, obtain a license in the state in which you want to sell insurance, establish and register the business and purchase professional liability coverage. Finally, get associated with insurance companies and compl