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NetLingo.com and Webopedia.com are two online text lingo dictionaries. Both websites are updated frequently to reflect new text lingo, evolving phrases, chat slang and short message service, or sms.


The meanings of common texting lingo can sometimes be determined by the way it looks. Texting lingo such as "QQ," for example, is supposed to resemble a pair of eyes with tears and is translated as "crying." Some other texting abbreviations can be deciphered by speaking them aloud, as is the case of


Examples of text messaging lingo, often known as textspeak, include shorthand terms such as B4, GR8 and ORLY. Other examples include anagrams such as BRB and seemingly coded messages with alternative meanings, such as 143.


The game "Lingo" is available online on the games section of GSN.com, as of 2015. Game play involves guessing words with a limited number of attempts and time.


In a text "PP" can mean "personal problem," or it can refer to a penis. When seven p's are used in a row, it means "prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance," and that can also be written as 7P.


You can learn Spanish words through word lists on websites that teach Spanish, such as LearnSpanishToday.com, SpanishPod101.com and StudySpanish.com. You can also use an online Spanish dictionary, such as SpanishDict.com, to look up words in Spanish or English.


It is not appropriate to use text messaging lingo in a professional setting. People should also avoid using this kind of language in academic environments and other formal settings.


Word search, Spanish-English Word Match, and Hangman are examples of Spanish games that help you learn English. Learning a language is not limited to studying.


Merriam-Webster has a very popular Spanish to English dictionary. Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English dictionary highlights Latin American Spanish and serves a wide range of Spanish learners and skill levels.


A Spanish-to-English dictionary is available on SpanishDict.com, as of May 2015. The dictionary translates words and phrases either from Spanish-to-English or vice versa. The dictionary provides word definitions, forms of the word, conjugations, an audio pronunciation and a video translation.