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To download Microsoft Word 2013, go to the Buy section of Products.Office.com, click Looking for standalone Office applications, and click Buy now for the Word product. To use Word for a trial period, click Learn more and select Try now on the next page.


According to ConvertUnits.com, the number of complete weeks in 2013 was 52. This number takes into account the 365 days that occurred between Jan.1, 2013 and Jan. 1, 2014. The end date is not included in the calculation.


Microsoft Word 2013 features one included retirement letter template that covers resigning from a job for that reason. In addition, the office software offers two templates that cover job resignations for reasons such as interpersonal conflict or a company merger. Word 2013 also offers five addition


Some celebrities who died in 2013 are Nelson Mandela, James Gandolfini, Lou Reed, Corey Monteith and Paul Walker. Some others are Mindy McCready, Margaret Thatcher, Annette Funicello, George Jones and Roger Ebert.


For 2013 the standard deduction for most people was $6,100 for individuals or $12,200 for married couples filing jointly or widows or widowers with a dependent child. The standard deduction for the head of a household was $8,950.


The 2013 U.S. federal poverty line was $11,490 for a single-person household in the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C. Each additional household member adds $4,020 to the baseline figure. The poverty guidelines represent administrative thresholds used to evaluate if an individual qualifies fo


Some comets that appeared in 2013 are Comet Pan-STARRS and Comet ION. These two comets were visible in the Northern Hemisphere, and both were very bright in the night sky. Comet ION was the brighter of the two comets, but both were visible with the naked eye.


Generally, people should write numbers out the way they sound. For example, 2,345 could be written as "two thousand three hundred forty-five." When writing numbers out for a check, hyphenate numbers between 21 and 99. Although style books offer different rules, consistency on the writer's part is ke


“Back to My Mac” is an iCloud solution that allows a user to access a Mac’s hard drive from any Internet-connected Mac running OS X Lion v10.7.5 and later. It gives users access to files, folders and screen of the remote Mac.


There are two very common file extensions associated with Microsoft Word: doc and docx. Both of these file types may contain formatted text as well as graphics, charts, tables and other elements. There are two very common file extensions associated with Microsoft Word: doc and docx. Both of these fi