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simplify: 1 v make simpler or easier or reduce in complexity or extent “We had to simplify the instructions” “this move will simplify our lives” Antonyms: complicate , perplex make more complicated Types: reduce make less complex oversimplify make too simple abbreviate shorten Type of: alter , change , modify cause to change; make different; ...


Making things more or less smooth or straight - related words and phrases | Cambridge SMART Vocabulary


And that’s about it. Hopefully, you’ve found a few new keyboard shortcuts to make your life in Word a little easier! But if that’s not quite enough for you, Word also allows you to create your own keyboard shortcuts for things like commands, styles, and even autotext entries.


26 Brilliantly Handy Gadgets That Make Life Easier. by Emily Johnson. Share on Facebook. Advertisement. From a self-cleaning hairbrush to a necklace that doubles as an eyeglass holder, these amazing products all share one important feature: they’ll make your life immediately easier.


Even new users catch on to Word's easy-to-use interface and can start entering and formatting text quickly. As you learn, you'll stumble upon shortcuts that make your daily work even easier.


How to Make a Word Template. Creating a template in Microsoft Word can be useful and time-saving when you plan on using the same style of document repeatedly on a consistent basis. Templates can be based on existing documents you have...


Some brochures are trifold, some are bifold, but all brochures are folded sheets with defined pages and sections. To create a brochure in Word, open a template and personalize it to suit your needs.Or, open a blank document and use the page layout options to create columns and design a template from scratch. Here's how to make a brochure on Word using both methods.


Microsoft Word has rudimentary facilities to make it slightly easier for you to put an existing document onto your website. It can convert your document into a web page so that it can be displayed like a normal web page in a browser. You can create links that point to other websites or other pages on your own website.


4 Tips for making reading on your computer easier July 25, 2013 As technology continues to evolve, it seems that physical books and even paper are being replaced by the ability to read electronic documents on your computer, tablet or phone.


How fun would it be to cut our your word art for a shirt, mug or glass frame! Create holiday word art and print your designs to frame or display for holiday decor. Especially perfect for making Christmas word art for free instead of purchasing. Use your own website or material to create a fun logo for your social media or site.