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Some of the best types of wooden cabinets for storage include cherry, maple, oak, alder, hickory, walnut, birch and pecan. There are also other choices for compound materials that are easy to maintain and highly durable.


To make cabinet doors, measure the cabinet holes, cut the wood to the right width, fashion the stiles, fashion the rails, cut the panels and assemble the doors. Making each door takes about one hour and requires lumber, a table saw, a miter saw, a router table, wood glue, clamps and a measuring tape


Metal storage cabinets provide a functional way to organize work space and cut down on clutter. They are most frequently used in garage or workshop settings to keep tools, cables and other maintenance gear arranged and easy to access. In an office or commercial environment, metal storage cabinets se


One way to make wooden doors is by using the batten design technique, where one row of parallel boards is put together by diagonal and perpendicular battens, generally on barn doors. A layered door is another method of making wooden doors, states Mother Earth News.


A simple DVD cabinet is built using plywood sheets, putty, paint or wood stains. Tools needed to build a DVD cabinet include paint brushes, nails or screws, brackets, a saw, a hammer, sand paper and a tape measure.


To start building a door, lay out boards according to the horizontal width of the doorway, and then nail each one to a horizontal support board laid across them at top and bottom. Finally, reinforce the door by nailing each board to an additional, diagonal piece of wood. This creates what is known a


Tall storage cabinets should be 84 to 96 inches tall and 12 to 24 inches deep if they're in the kitchen. Regardless of the room, tall cabinets that aren't too deep are more practical than deeper versions.


When building cylinder storage cabinets, measure carefully to create a cabinet to suit your needs. If used for outdoor applications, measure the height and width of your outdoor tools, and use those dimensions as a basis for the cabinet's dimensions. Generally, add 2 extra inches to account for the


Some finishes available for wooden bathroom cabinets include burnished, highlighted, painted, stained and vintage finishes. Additional finishes include paint with glaze, stain with glaze and thermofoil finishes.


To paint wooden cabinets white, you must determine the cabinet type. Next, remove and clean the cabinets. Sand the desired surface, followed by the primer-sealer and finally the paint.