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Carpenters often use mallets to secure pieces of wood together by bluntly striking the pieces until they fit into holes and other openings. People often use wooden mallets to create and shape other kinds of tools.


Popular Woodworking Magazine holds the Woodworking in America conference each year and posts the information on its website. TheWoodworkingShows.com has a calendar online of its shows around the country. Information about the annual trade show of The Association of Wood...


Used woodworking tools and equipment are available at websites such as Bid-On Equipment and Woodweb. In addition, eBay allows customers to buy used woodworking tools at auction and via the site's Buy It Now feature.


Easy woodworking projects include cutting boards, birdhouses or a box, notes A Beautiful Mess, Start Woodworking and Birds & Blooms. These projects can be completed by beginners with basic woodworking tools.


To make woodworking patterns, select a picture or photograph, and download it onto a computer. Upload the picture into a photo editing program. Crop any element to be your woodworking subject, and create two files with the cropped element as image–enlarged and image–act...


Mallet finger is typically treated with a splint to keep the joint straight while it heals, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Patients typically wear a splint for roughly eight weeks and gradually decrease use as the finger regains normal functi...


Some good schools for learning woodworking, cabinetry and furniture design include College of the Redwoods in California, Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, Northern Michigan University and The Woodworking Academy in Minnesota. Many states offer courses at communit...