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To care for a wood table, avoid heat and humidity extremes, clean the table with a soft cloth, and protect the surface from dings and scratches with tablecloths and pads. To polish the table, use a paste wax, and avoid products containing silicone.


Painting a wood table is a job that can be completed within a weekend, including the time needed for the paint to dry. You need paint, primer, brushes, a roller and sandpaper.


Table salt, also known as sodium chloride, is a white or colorless crystal that sometimes appears to be a powder. This solid compound is also odorless and soluble in water. Its molecular formula is NaCl.


Read a wood weight table by finding the moisture content and species of your wood and then finding the corresponding weight. Wood weight charts typically only list weights in terms of pounds per cord. A cord is a volumetric measurement for wood that corresponds to 128 c...


Uline, SteelSentry and Sears Brands, LLC sell tables that are made from structural steel. The Australian Steel Institute and Sears sell structural steel data tables that engineers and builders use to identify the design capacities of different types of structural steel.


To get wax off a wooden table, harden the wax, use a blunt knife to scrape off large chunks, and use an iron on low temperature to melt wax that has been absorbed into the surface. Absorb the melted wax with paper.


Repair minor damage on a wood dining table using a commercially available burnishing cream or furniture reviver to remove stains, and apply liquid furniture or wax to remove scratches. For severe damage, sand and refinish the entire table, or consult a professional.