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When selecting storage cabinets or shelves, first think about what needs to be stored and note the dimensions and weight of the items in order to determine how much and what size and strength shelving is needed. Consider ease of reaching items to determine shelf depth and height placement of the top


Shelving units come in a variety of configuration options including wall mounted, free standing, leaning and ladder, with features such as swivel, step, reversible and adjustable position. Designs range from heavy weight capacity industrial steel shelves, to artistic recycled paper constructions. Co


Using storage boxes with shelving involves measuring the shelves for the size of boxes needed and selecting a style. Storage boxes can be decorative, or they can be labeled according to use.


To build storage shelves, measure the wood for the parts, trim all the pieces to size, attach the railings to the legs, and then screw the shelves to the railings. To secure the shelving unit to the wall, insert screws through the top railing and into the studs.


To make cabinet doors, measure the cabinet holes, cut the wood to the right width, fashion the stiles, fashion the rails, cut the panels and assemble the doors. Making each door takes about one hour and requires lumber, a table saw, a miter saw, a router table, wood glue, clamps and a measuring tape


Metal storage cabinets provide a functional way to organize work space and cut down on clutter. They are most frequently used in garage or workshop settings to keep tools, cables and other maintenance gear arranged and easy to access. In an office or commercial environment, metal storage cabinets se


Variations of tall wood storage cabinets include type of wood, finish, number and type of shelves, number of doors, height, width and type of handle. Many cabinets are made from engineered wood, but some are made from natural wood, such as oak, pine or tulipwood.


Stores that sell corner storage and shelving include IKEA and Home Decorators Collection. Wayfair also sells a wide selection of corner cabinets.


Use large shelving storage bins to organize the garage, basement and attic. Smaller, more decorative storage bins should be used in rooms and areas that are used more often. These areas include the kitchen, crafts and hobby rooms, bathrooms and linen closets.


Some of the best types of wooden cabinets for storage include cherry, maple, oak, alder, hickory, walnut, birch and pecan. There are also other choices for compound materials that are easy to maintain and highly durable.