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The value of old ice boxes depends on the age, craftsmanship and manufacturer of the piece. An antique Snowflake ice box is worth considerably less than an antique salesman's sample ice box dating back to roughly the same time.


To construct a wood duck box, cut a 10x10 inch floor panel, four 24x12 inch panels, and a 15x12 inch roof panel. Cut a 4x3 inch circle on the front panel and attach the panels, except the roof, to form a box. Hinge the roof panel to the box.


An icebox is an insulated box that is cooled by ice, while a refrigerator is an electrical appliance that is cooled by a refrigerant and a complex set of parts. Iceboxes were commonly used before the discovery of a safe way to deliver electricity to homes.


As of June 2015, plans for wood duck boxes are available on websites for Ducks Unlimited, the Wood Duck Society and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The PDF plans include written directions and accompanying illustrations.


Two icebox cake recipes are Food Network's mocha chocolate icebox cake and Martha Stewart's icebox cake. Martha Stewart's recipe is a simpler one with less ingredients, while Food Network's recipe involves more ingredients to achieve a mocha chocolate flavor.


Several wood duck nest box plans, including the type of timber, size of the panels and size of the entry hole required are posted on sites like Ducks Unlimited, WikiHow and the Wood Duck Society. Cedar wood is the recommended construction material. The dimensions are va...


To build a steam box, obtain a 10 foot long section of a polyvinyl chloride pipe that is 4 inches in diameter, two end caps, a piece of garden hose, a boiling vessel and a camp stove. Make two holes a little smaller than the garden hose in the cover and one of the end c...