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TimsBoots.com, WesternBootSales.com and BootOutfitters.com all offer boot size charts online for those looking for a snug fit, as of 2015. WesternBootSales.com also provides conversion charts for non-U.S. sizing.


To correctly read a wheel or tire size chart, it is important that an individual knows what each part of the tire size means. Each tire size has a minimum of five different components: tire type, width, aspect ratio, construction and wheel diameter.


Tire size charts and information are available online from websites such as TireSizesChart.com and TireRack.com. CariD offers a list of standard tire sizes and their dimensions.


There are two ways to use a printed ring size chart. The first way is to directly compare the ring to the printed circles and choose the closest one that fits. The second way is to measure the circumference of your finger and locate the ring size on the chart.


Read a standard needle size chart by comparing a needle to the related conversion. For example, a U.S. size 0 needle is a metric size 2.0 mm or a UK/Canadian size 14. Yarn Forward and Sew It Love It both offer needle size charts on their respective websites.


Several websites offer charts for beam sizes of different materials, including SouthernPine.com, SaginawPipe.com and EngineeringToolbox.com. SouthernPine.com features charts for wood beams, while SaginawPipe.com lists charts for steel beams. EngineeringToolbox.com features several charts displaying


There is no official size chart for women, but clothing manufacturers typically provide their own size charts on their websites. Size charts use letters, numbers or both. Clothing sizes vary depending on the manufacturer, as many countries, such as the United States and United Kingdom, don't have st


Many shoe stores and department stores offer printable shoe sizing charts on their websites. Some stores, such as StrideRite, also offer free apps that can measure shoe sizes. StrideRite's iPad app is available for download from the store's website as of 2015.


To determine your size using a clothing size chart, you need to measure your bust, waist and hips. You measure yourself using a cloth tape measure and a full-length mirror.


To read a tire size chart, note the letters at the start of the size line, such as P for passenger vehicle, LT for light truck, ST for special trailer, T for temporary vehicle or C for commercial vehicle. The next numbers represent the width of the tire in millimeters.